Wildwood ALC activities: week of March 20th

This week at Wildwood ALC, we came back to the house after the Spring Break.

It was also my first week here, and I’ve made the commitment to document the experiences and activities that occur throughout the two days of ALC madness/fun. Weekly blog posts will be shared with a basic description of all the activities that I manage to keep track of. So much happens here all the time that I might have missed something, or need to update some of the pictures that other people took. 

Happy reading!

Taco Tuesday, minus the Tacos

  • 3D Drawing
    Ray introduced the design of 3D hands. 
  • Core Restaurant Team
    Debriefing the experience of volunteering at the Wildwood restaurant
  • Mystery Science
    Ashley offered to do an activity learning about the mechanics of human joints by designing a paper finger.
    Ashley's Mystery Science
  • Volunteering at the Food Pantry
  • Bird-opoly
    Silas brought an awesome board game similar to Monopoly, but with birds. 
  • Setting the design groups of the library boxes
    With three old magazine boxes and most of the Wildwood kids wanting to contribute their art to the project, we needed to divide them into teams to work on a group project. 
  • One of the groups already painted the base coat of their library box
    Addison, Kerra, Owen W. Ashley and I all helped paint the base coat of blues, whites and greys of our box. 
  • Walk in the wood with Rebekah
    With such warm and amazing weather as we had on Tuesday, Rebekah ended up with a large number of kids, exploring the area surrounding the new Wildwood home.
  • Power of Smurshmurney for Rebekah
    Want to be challenged to do a small piece of your workout routine? Follow Rebekah’s example and get challenged by someone at random! 
  • Running around the house 3 times before the closing Spawn Point
    Everyone was full of excess energy on Tuesday, so when Nicole suggested to go on a run around the Wildwood house a few times, all the kids jumped to it! And came back barely calmer but a lot breathless. Spawn then proceeded to happen as one large group, with one thing we liked that day and one thing we struggled with. 
  • We recovered rotting bird houses at was is called the Bird House Cemetary
    Nicole started fixing them up with
  • Playing by the creek
    I’m too new to Wildwood to be familiar with The Play, but most of the Wildwood girls have an on-going Play that sometimes involves the boys. They decided to take it by the creek today and enjoyed the coolness of the water and the wetness of the dirt on their bare feet.
    17499691_192733294549899_923213739_o 17475305_192733301216565_1968643126_o

Throwback Thursday. But don’t throw anything back.

  • Sanctuary Tag
  • Card game of Multiplication War with Rebekah
  • Learning how to play Yu-Gi-Oh card game with Harper and his dad Jason
  • Painting of the Library Boxes
    We’re moving forward!
  • Discussing The Play
    During Personal Focus Time, the girls all assembled to discuss roles and plot-line for The Play, an on-going LARP.
  • Physical game of War
    Of course, it was make-believe…with sticks! 
  • Kubb
    We’re all out of practice…or needing to learn.
  • Walk in the Woods with Rebekah
    They moved a rock, and the river flowed faster. 
  • Official start to weekly blogging
  • Power of Schurshmurney
    Rebekah, Iain and I all suffered through some exercises, from windmills to abs to assisted push-ups. Challenge me! 





Random pictures of days spent at Wildwood

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  1. nicole

    Thanks for this Rebecca!!! SO GRATEFUL for you and this!! please keep it up!. I love you honoring this important and meaningful intention. xoxox


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