A Week at Wildwood: March 28

This week was FULL of visitors! It’s amazing to see that there are so many people interested and inspired by what Wildwood and ALCs actually stand for: freedom of thought, action, and emotion in the safety of a community of diverse human beings who interact authentically with each other.

That said, there was a Parent-Facilitator meeting on Monday.
A family-interest night happened on Wednesday, and let’s hope that we can welcome some more students to Wildwood soon!


Tuesday wasn’t so mad…

  • Power of Schmurschmurney for many people!
    Grace drank more water than she wanted, I only did one series of 30 abs and everyone was challenged overall. 
  • Handknitting with Tasha and Luna
    There were many knots
  • Treasure Island
    A collaborative game where we learn that this ain’t no Lord of the Flies.
  • Dominos
    They were inspired by the destructiveness of it all.
  • Free Play
    Faerie house building, slacklining, overall enjoyment of beautiful weather
  • Having fun by the Rocky Beach
  • We came up with a name for one of our boundaries! And they had fun splashing each other, role playing, performing and joking.
  • Hiking with Rebekah
    The Hobbit Hole is quite the attraction. And Wildwood ALC makes for wild monkey kids.

But Thursday was all about sharing the fun of self-direction

So many visitors! Yvonne, a professor from the UK specializing in psychology and social influences on education, dedicated her day to visiting with us. A new volunteer, Brianna, a visiting student, Vivienne and a few others stopped by to say hi and hear more about our joyful madhouse.

We all felt the confining feeling of being locked inside, and fought back against in the way that we know best: screaming, running and dancing in the rain. 

  • Power of Schmurshmurney
    Negative pull-ups, philosophizing about exercise and getting ourselves mutually motivated! 
  • Helping at the Hot Food Pantry
    The customers had actual servers for their meal! And I did some fraction calculation with Finley and Addison while cutting two desserts for 40 people: if you have one cake, cut in 4, how can you make it into 20 pieces? How many slices do you need to cut into the peach cobbler in length and in width to make 20 pieces? Oh, the headache…





  • Discussing a new system for clean-up
    Owen W. is coherence-holding its creation now that we’ve hammered out what it’s supposed to look like.
  • Treasure Island
    More yelli-ahem. I meant collaborating. More collaborating.
  • Splashing in the rain
    And dunking in the creek. And chasing each other, laughing (=>screaming bloody murder).
  • Brain hats
    Yvonne offered to show the kids how to create hats that would explain all the different parts of the brain.
  • Designing a piece of your own flag
    For some people’s Personal Focus Time, they started designing a little piece of themselves that will be made into a Wildwood flag, representative in its effusive color and creativeness of everything that we are and stand for. Brianna and Vivienne enjoyed each other’s company while creating a beautiful miniature pillow together. 
  • Sanctuary Tag
    A lot of energy needed to be expelled before the end of the day. Boy, did they run. 
  • Pokemon card game
    Similar to Yu-Gi-Oh, they fought, they vanquished, they perished. 
  • A lot of personal creative action has happened
    From hand-knitting to painting and string-cutting and even some singing, we’re being creative throughout the day. 




Random moments in Wildwood this week

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